Trying to be eco-friendly doesn’t mean only not to eat meat. One can be a carnivore (meat eater) while taking an important care about environment and vice versa: one can decide not to eat meat supporting animals but not to pay enough attention to the other components of eco-friendibility.

Here I would like to emphasize nutrition style differences between vegetarian and vegan people (even being one of them does not mean only a nutrition style but in most of the cases-whole lifestyle itself).

Vegetarianism, that considers to follow plant-based diet, with or without diary product or egg, and excludes meat consumption, is generally divided into several different types, between which more spread are:

     − Ovo vegetarianism- includes egg but not diary products

     − Lacto vegetarianism – includes diary products but not eggs

     − Ovo-lacto vegetarianism- excludes meat and includes animal/diary product, egg, honey

     − Veganism – excludes all animal flesh and product, eggs and also honey

There are various motives to choose the certain lifestyle. In case of vegetarianism can be define three basic reasons that lead people to make their Veg choice:

  1. ethical reason
  2. health reason 
  3. environmentally/eco -friendly 

If for one it is hard to imagine how it is possible to eat a dog, for other it is surprising, how people can eat a cow/beef, pork, chicken or how it is possible to eat meat at all.What I am trying to say is, that mainly everything depends on a culture we were brought up in; but representatives of all these different cultures could have the common point of view: cruelty is intolerable!